by Sam Wilfan

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"This is my first proper release and although I like to make my stuff free, for this I ask that you consider donating money. Before I explain why, I'll start with a bit of background about myself. For several years now, I have been suffering with depression and anxiety disorders and although I have told some close friends and family, most people don't know about it. It has made my life a living hell, with it affecting my schoolwork, social life and even my home life over the years, with there being many days where I haven't even had the will to get up and open my eyes. I generally keep it hidden because of fear of being rejected by society or misunderstood and I have suffered silently because of it. However, I have finally garnered the courage to say that "I'm not okay" and in doing so, I feel the need to help other people who suffer, so that they can finally reach out and get the help they need. This is why I ask that you donate. All of the money that is made from the sale of this EP will go to the YoungMinds charity, who aim to support young people who are suffering from mental illness in the UK through empowering young people, funding the training of professionals, spreading awareness and more. Although I don't believe we are entitled to a lot and we take a lot for granted, I do believe that everyone deserves a chance to live and so, I ask that you donate some money, even if it's only a bit. After all, if only one life can be changed for the better, that's better than no one at all."


Sam Wilfan

More info about YoungMinds:


released August 10, 2014

Everything composed, recorded and produced by Sam Wilfan, except where noted.




Sam Wilfan Bristol, UK

Sam Wilfan | Electronic Producer | Bristol

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